Queer Eye’s Antoni in Toronto this week for book promo

Do you watch Queer Eye? Are you obsessed like I am? I’m still kicking myself for missing Jonathan Van Ness at JFL42 last week. Stupid work! The devilishly handsome Antoni was in town for a couple days this week. He was all over the place, from Breakfast television, to the Social, to Marilyn Denis, an Indigo appearance, an appearance at the X hotel and a sold out meet and greet slash book signing at Isabel Bader theatre. See, he was literally everywhere. Poor guy probably never slept a wink. Good thing he has bestie Jonathan to suggest a good skin care routine. He’s on a book tour to promote his new book entitled, “Antoni in the kitchen.” I’d post videos but I’m sure you’ve seen him all over tv this week. Instead, ill show you some selfies he’s taken with fans during his Toronto journey.

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