Janet Jackson Presale Passwords for Toronto Black Diamond 2020 Tour Tickets

The beautiful and never-aging Janet Jackson is gracing us with her stage presence here in Toronto on July 22, 2020 at the Scotia bank Arena. She’s bringing her Black Diamond tour to the city with the release of her new album by the same day.

I’ve never seen this woman live. I just want to ask her what her skin regime is. What laser do you get done? What moisturizer do you use? What sunscreen do you use? Is your make up artist available some weekends? Do you steal young childrens’ essences like the witches from Hocus Pocus? I NEED TO KNOW!.

The American express presale has already begun. I’ll help you out with the fan presale. The password is RAMITJO. You’re welcome.

Tickets aren’t cheap. If you want good seats on the floor, they’ll cost you between $191 and $600. There are also official platinum (ticket master scamming you seats) and preferred seat options. What the hell are preferred seats???? Another way to rob you blind??! YUP!

Janet has also provided a few VIP selections.

The Gold package includes a ticket in the first 10 rows and a picture on the stage. WITH JANET? NO? YES? WHY ARE YOU SO VAGUE, TICKETMASTER??!! I wish they’d be more specific. Tell me if I’d be close enough to get a DNA sample, damn it. This package will cost you just below $1000.

The Silver package will get you tickets in the first 25 rows (lame) and will cost you $761. No pic with Janet. No DNA sample. No hope for cloning future Janet’s.

Finally, there is the Premium package which gives you a seat in the lower bowl (really lame) for $532. These packages also include merchandise that no one cares about that they use to excuse them for charging exorbitant amounts of money.


Anyway, hope to see you there!! ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE HER!

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