Fans help O-Town Release The OTWN Album

Remember the boy band, O-Town? If you were a youngin’ in the late ’90’s/early 2000’s, it’s hard to forget. I remember waiting outside of Much Music for 12 hours in February to see them do their Intimate and Interactive. I got pulled over the barricade and ended up inside. Then it was every man for himself on getting a good spot. The dilemma of whether to be closer to the guys or in camera view sets in.

I remember the guys walking around talking to all the girls during commercial breaks. You secretly dread them coming over to you ‘cuz….wtf do you say? It’s gotta be memorable. None of this “lol I love you” crap.

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Anyway, I digress. In 2014, the guys came back minus Ashley Parker Angel. To this day I only think of his ex-gf Shelley’s tall white boots when someone mentions Ashley. She wore them on every episode of Making the Band. Their album, Lines and Circles, that was released in 2014 didn’t get the acclaim I feel it deserved. It was better than a typical pop album. When they toured they did everything themselves too. They engineered the entire concert! Seeing them take turns on their Apple laptop was refreshing. These guys wanted it bad.

Back to 2019. A kickstarter helped the group deliver a new album, The OTWN album, with their first single, OFF. It’s a groove I can put on repeat.

Fun Fact: Bachelor Colton Underwood guest stars on the disc.

Not So Fun Fact: The guys are trying to trademark their name and Motown is interfering saying it’s too close to theirs.

MY ASS! My opinion though.

Pop tour with O-Town and Lance Bass

They aren’t scheduled to play Toronto anytime soon but they will be in London, Ontario on September 8, 2019 alongside 98 degrees, Aaron Carter and ‘NSync’s Lance Bass. Tickets are about $60 and VIP packages $250 (USD I imagine). Well worth the meet and greet! Erik, Dan, Trevor and Jacob are nice as nice can be. That, and the money is going directly to THEM. Again, refreshing.

Take a listen to their new single, OFF, here.

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