Everything you need to know about Justin Bieber tickets in Toronto 2020

As everyone has already heard, Justin Bieber is back and is going on tour. He’ll be dancing on the Rogers Centre stage in Toronto on September 10, 2020. That’s prime TIFF time. You KNOW how I feel about being distracted during TIFF……I don’t like it. For the Biebs I’m willing to make an exception. Last year, I had to for Shawn Mendes. That boy can do no wrong in my eyes. He’s like my little brother I don’t mind babysitting and who also has older friends I’d like to befriend. Ahem, John Mayer.

Anyways, a shit load of presales have already begun for the Biebs. General onsale is on Valentine’s day morning.

VIP WITH MEET AND GREET is $2300 Canadian FYI. You don’t get an individual picture with that either. You’ll be smushed in with other randos, all fighting over who is beside him so you can crop out the others later.

Why is it that much? Supply and demand, baby. BECAUSE HE CAN!

I actually don’t understand why he’s even doing it. People go insane in the membrane over him to unsafe levels. Really unsafe levels. I’d say that warrants not meeting fans anymore, i.e. going Justin Timberlake on them. BOY BYE

GOOD LUCK getting tickets. Although there are a shit ton available via presale right now on ticketmaster (aka evil thief demon website).

by the way…. I took all of these photos myself in 2012 at his show at the Rogers centre so don’t get all copyright bullshit on my ass. All my pics are my own.

Just look at this video of him serenading a young girl at that show. You can actually see cells in her body spontaneously combust from excitement. She left that stage a little closer to dying.


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