Conor Maynard Taunts Toronto girls with his Magnificent Voice

Brit-alicious Conor Maynard hit the stage at Toronto’s Adelaide Hall last night with bestie Anth (Melo) supporting his ass. If you don’t remember him, let me refresh your memory (or you do know him, worship him and would just love to read more about him).

Turn Around

Let’s go back to 2012. Over here in Canada he had a hit single called “Turn Around” feat. NEYO. Or maybe it was Conor that was featured. I don’t care. In the video he was kick ass dancing in a wet street. He also had radio play with “Animal” and ” Vegas Girl.” Search that shit on YouTube. When you hear it you’ll be like, “ooohhhh yaaaa!! That jam was lit!” That’s how the young folk talk now, right?

About last night…

So Conor kicked off his set with “Turn Around” but he followed that with a Backstreet Boys cover of “I Want it that Way.” So, I’m not old but I’m not a 20 year old that can drink to unconsciousness and wake up hangover free either. Still a millennial but those clubbing nights have been replaced with Netflix and don’t touch me, pass the chips. He really had me with that BSB cover. Ooooh baby that’s when my panties twisted with interest.

I want it that way

He played his older hit singles along with newer ones like “Not Over You.” All amazing. What I really loved was the supremo mash up of covers at the end. That shit was hype!!!

Dude, your set was too short. The show was sold out. YOU COULD HAVE FILLED A BIGGER VENUE!

Anyway, buy his stuff, listen to his music and most of all, tell your friends.

Not Over You

HOW IS CONOR NOT MORE FAMOUS????? ANSWER ME DAMN IT! if my little ‘ol blog had more relevance I’d push his little bum to the top.

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  1. Robyn says:

    I can’t. He really needs the recognition he deserves for his talent!

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